Church of Christ United 2023 Committees/Boards    
Administrative Board Pastoral/Parish Relations  Stewardship Committee Building Finance 
2023 - Janie Walthart -  chr                                          Dr. Don Bowden Marilyn Steinkamp Tom Ford
2023 - Josh Bowden  Jane Griswold   Kay Norman
2024 - Don Bowden - Vice Kenny Cook   Troy Tempus
2024 - Kris Wilgenbusch Janie Walthart - Ad. Board Chair   Matt Walthart
2025 - Deb Donlea Pastor    
2025 - Chris Beyer      
non-voting members   Women's Fellowship  
Trish Cook - Treasurer Altar & Flower Comm. dissolved 2017  
Don & Deb Dutler - Financial Sec. Nan Higgins    
Pastor Julie Althaus   Pastoral Exploratory
  Sandy Dennie   Committee
Board of Education Amanda Cook Worship Committee Rick Johnson - Chair
2023 - Andrea Cook   Missy Mayfield - Cook Claudia Gillette - Co. Ch.
2024 - Julie Cook Foundation Initiatives & Outreach Linda Mayner  
2025 - Allison Shaffer Jen DeGreif Kay Norman  
  Myla Hansen Marilyn Peck  
  Carol Stiefel Cara Mayner-Keating  
Board of Trustees Elizabeth Bare Kyla Sattgast  
2023 - Dave Sattgast Janie Walthart Joan Burkhart  
2023 - Craig Dabroski   Nan Higgins/Flower com  
2024 - Troy Tempus - Chair Membership person Pastor  
2024 - Chance Cook      
2025 - Matt Cook Receptions @ Fellowship Hall    
2025 - Matt Walthart Myla Hansen Building Adv Comm   
Trish Cook - Treasurer   recessed   
  Social Comm. @ Church Dr. Don Bowden  
Financial Advisory Comm. (financial planning Sharla Gudenkauf - Confirmation-grad. Kenny Cook  
of sav. accts./investments.) Snap Shots - Tasting Party - Etc. Red Olsen  
Don Dutler - Chair   Jeff Stiefel  

Gerald Dennie

Communion Committee Craig Wilgenbusch  
Aaron Cook Marva Reece Pastor  
Ad. Board vice - chair. Gwen Oliver    
Trish Cook -Advisor Kyla Sattgast    
  Missy Mayfield - Cook    
  Linda Mayner